People Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi & Muharram Together Is The True Spirit Of United India

Even though we have seen instances of a massive divide amongst Indians caused by their respective caste, class, and religion, we have also witnessed the kind of “unity in diversity” we have all grown up reading about in our history books.

In this day an age where there is too much hate being spewed on social media, it is heartwarming to see people from different religious backgrounds celebrating their festivals simultaneously and sending love across to each other.

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One of such examples is this recent photograph which was taken in Silvassa where two groups of people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram are seen shaking hands and wishing each other across a road divider – the true essence of unity in diversity.

The picture has touched our hearts and many have taken to Twitter to express how this is the India we know!

No matter how much hate is stirred amongst different religions, love wins at the end of the day. Always!