Mumbai’s Commissioner Of Police Tweeted About Marijuana And It’s Going Absolutely Viral


Recently Mumbai police have been doing totally swag stuff with their Cyber Safety Week tweets getting more attention than they expected.

And today morning they tweeted about something HIGHly important:

Their pun-game is strong, isn’t it? For those of you who didn’t get it, they are obviously talking about marijuana. (No, they are not supporting it, and no don’t offer them any)



Not only did this tweet serve a purpose, but also managed to get Mumbai Police a big fan following for their cool tweets


Some people discovered how they are managing to be so cool with their tweets and stuff


Some people liked to see the lighter side of the cops



While some really just wanted marijuana to be legal


Yes their tweet is going that viral that Twitter actually exploded with weed puns


If you don’t understand weed puns, you’re ganja have a bad time understanding these. 😛

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