What The Nuts? Penis Whitening Is An Actual Trend And Now I’ve Seen Everything.

There are millions of people still obsessed with lightening their skin tone. After whitening creams have earned big bucks in the markets, it’s obvious that people view beauty in the ‘light’ of dark and fair.

And if wanting to lighten one’s skin wasn’t enough, we have something new that has to meet ‘beauty standards’.

Skin lightening of genital areas is now a thing, guys! Thailand has been taken in by a new fad of whitening private parts like penises, anus and groin area.

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Posted by Atittayapa Photiya on 28 ನವೆಂಬರ್ 2017

A Facebook post of a Thai clinic carrying out a laser treatment for penis whitening quickly went viral. Netizens all over the world were intrigued by the rather weird fad.

According to BBC News, a patient, who had undergone the treatment spoke about it saying that he had had his first session two months ago. He has seen a definite change in shade since then. He added,

“I wanted to feel more confident in my swimming briefs.”

The original Facebook post from the clinic offering the treatment was shared more than 19,000 times within two days. And just in case you’re interested, they use laser to break down melanin in the skin!

Popol Tansakul, the marketing manager of the hospital which offers the service said that they had introduced vaginal whitening services four months ago. The trend got so popular that people kept asking them about penis whitening. So they started the treatment a month later.

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The cost of the procedure is $650 (41,207 INR) for five sessions.

The clinic gets an average of 20-30 patients who come in for vagina and penis whitening in a month. Mr. Popol also said that this procedure is more popular among gay men and transvestites who “take good care of their private parts” and “want to look good in all areas.”

(I think someone took the euphemism of bananas and penises a bit too seriously!)

Thailand’s Public health Ministry has reacted to the sudden craze. A doctor from the ministry said,

“Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones.”

The ministry said that the treatment may cause side effects such as pain, inflammation or scars. It can even affect the reproductive system and sexual intercourse.

Skin whitening has been an obsession across Southeast Asia for decades now. The Thai hospital conducting the operation said that more than 50% of their patients come for such procedures.

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The trend is mostly attributed to the thought process that darker skin means that you come from the working class. So with whitening process, people try to disassociate themselves from the workers in the fields.

This perception is further solidified by the media in the form of advertisement. Like one skin-whitening cream put out an ad on Bangkok’s public transport, saying, “Only white people can sit here.”

Tweeple are left baffled at the need for this procedure. Most of them are just like “WHAT!?”

1. Yeah, future. Ammirite?

2. Ummm… Okay then.

3. I thought it was a regular morning, and then THIS!

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4. Yeah you know, they could be!

5. Damn right!

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Skin whitening or “brightening” as they now advertise it as is a huge phenomenon here too. It’s sad that these procedures are promoting racism in their own way and people are actually complying with it. Moreover, beauty standards are setting unrealistic expectations for not only women but men too.

What the nuts!? Can we stop this once and for all?