Pedophile Who Asked Underage Girls ‘Do You Want To Fu*k?’ Was Spared Because He Is A Dwarf

It’s a scary world we live in, with rapes, murders, and harassment becoming the talk of the town. However, according to me, pedophilia is up there with inexcusable crimes. It takes a special pervert to harass and manipulate underage children.

In UK, 26-year-old, Bryan Anthony Bowen, got in touch with two minors aged 13 and 15, via their Facebook pages. He asked them for sexual favours and to send naked photographs. He sent the 15-year-old a message saying, “do you want to fuck?” and when she tried to block him he said,

“I will fuck you for your birthday present.”

According to The Sun, after the girl reported the incident to the police, they rummaged through his laptop. They also found that he had described a 13-year-old as “fit as fuck” and had asked if she had a boyfriend.

At first, Bowen told the police that he was under the impression that both the girls were over 16 years of age. But later he pleaded guilty of inciting a child to carry out a sex act.

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However, the presiding judge, Rhys Rowland described Bowen as “small in stature and emotionally inadequate” because he was a dwarf. And added that he would have a “very hard time” in prison. He was handed a 48-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. For the time being, he has got a three-month curfew between 9 PM and 7 AM.

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Defence attorney, Dafydd Roberts urged the court not to give him jail time because of his learning disability. He is also given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Yes, I don’t know the workings of the law but I still feel an injustice was served. Pedophilia and sex offence is indefensible.