23 Blissful Reading Spots Which Will Make You Want To Keep Reading All Your Life

Books are a man’s best friend.

Books might mean the world to you. But, trust me the places that you choose to study affects your reading habits a lot. Be it the park outside your home or a little attic in your room, the vibes of the place matter a lot if you have to enjoy reading.

Don’t worry, we stumbled upon some serene places that will give you an idea of how to convert a small place in your room into a reading room. You will also experience a whiff of pleasure just by having a mere glance at them. 🙂

Let’s have a look:

1. Oh, talk about serenity!


2. What can be better than a peaceful sea-facing spot?


3. Remember the little place beneath your stairs? Try converting that into this beautiful spot.

B 3


4. A simple arrangement looks great after putting fairy lights.

B 4


5. A small closet isn’t bad either!

B 5


6. Or just a quilt adjacent to the big window!

B 6


7. Oh, what a beautiful sofa!

B 7


8. Or this little yet cosy swing!

B 8


9. Another beautiful spot!

B 9


10. A ladder leading to the magical room of books!

B 11


11. Again, a peaceful spot near the stairs.

B 12


12. Or beside the stairs is also not such a bad idea.

B 13


13. One word: WOW!

B 14


14. Who’s game for this?

B 15


15. Or this?

B 16


16. Personally, I love this arrangement.

B 17


17. Oh and the white painting and a little sunshine? Hell, yeah!

B 18


18. Amazing, right?

B 19


19. Best of both the worlds!

B 20


20. 😉

B 21


21. What can be better than this?

B 22


22. I might never stop reading my book in this place!

B 23


23. My vote for this place. Yours?

B 24


Is it just me who wants to grab a book and start reading in a place like this?

H/T: Bored Panda

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