Paytm CEO Says His Zoom Call Lasted 7 Hrs 45 Mins, Twitter Debates ‘Desi Work Culture’

For school kids, college students, and professionals, the past year and a half has been more about attending online classes and meetings than anything else. And sometimes, the meetings can end up being hours long.

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma recently tweeted that he was in a 7-hour 45-minutes long Zoom call. Seeing this, any regular person would be like, “WHAT?!”

On one hand, there were some who accused the CEO of glorifying toxic work culture. A few also opined out how long meetings are a sign of inefficiency.

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But not students and aashiqs, for they spend hours on end attending classes online or speaking to their partners!

As the CEO’s tweet went viral, several people cracked hilarious jokes – from the kind of earphones he used to the person taking notes during the meeting!

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Hard work or toxic work culture, what do you think of such long online meetings? Tell us!

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