‘Thappad’ Actor Pavail Gulati On Cancel Culture: ‘Cancelling The Hard Work Of 400 People’

In the past couple of years, ‘cancel culture’ has really become the new normal on social media. If anyone, let alone celebrities and influencers, make one wrong move or comment, they are immediately ‘cancelled’. When it comes to film actors, their movies suffer at the box office if they get cancelled online. The most recent example of this is ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ which, despite being a really nice film, tanked at the box office.

Pavail Gulati, who has acted in films like ‘Thappad’ and ‘Dobaaraa’, opened up about cancel culture in Bollywood and how it not just affects actors but also the entire crew who work towards the making of a film.


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Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“I don’t know if boycott trend affects the box-office business, but I feel the trend is very stupid in its nature. Because you are not boycotting just one person, but hundreds of the people associated with the project who have put in their hard work into it. There are people whose lives depend on it. You are not cancelling one person but cancelling the hard work of 400 people.”

He further spoke about how the public is nowadays boycotting films featuring actors who are a product of nepotism. But the same film also features outsiders like him who are trying to make a mark in the industry.

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“People say that yeh nepotism hai, isko boycott karo. They don’t realise that I am an outsider and I am also attached to the film. I came from Delhi when I was just 18, and spent 2 years learning acting. I did so many jobs as AD and casting agent. Just because some people think are not right for the industry, you are cancelling 400 people attached to the film, and are calling my struggle nothing,” he said.

Do you agree with what he has to say?

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