Girl’s Chat With A Man Who Justifies Touching Her Without Consent Reflects Patriarchal Mindset

We live in a patriarchal society where people, despite being educated enough to preach about their rights and stating their opinions, are still alien to the concept of consent. There are still people who refute rape culture like it’s a myth and tell people to ‘take it easy’ when they take offence to sexist jokes.

Something similar happened to a Twitter user (Natella Puncakes) who was subjected to an unwelcome situation by an acquaintance who was rude to her and when she called him out, he responded by touching her.

She took to Twitter to share her harrowing experience with the person and also posted screenshots of their chat, with the name concealed, where he is clearly missing what he did.

Narrating her experience, she wrote,

Yesterday at a wedding, an acquaintance was rude and obnoxious with me. I said, “please don’t talk to me”. He put his hand on my hair and ruffled it. I said “Please don’t touch me”
He replied: “Random people touch you all the time and you’re ok with that but not this?!”
This morning I had a conversation with him on Whatsapp, after which I blocked him. He immediately texted me on FB messenger.


The man did not back down after that and went so far as to actually call her crazy and demanded an apology from her for calling him out.

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As is quite evident, the man has not realised that he is in the wrong and like so many others blamed it all on feminism, which preaches gender equality, BTW! ‘Take it easy’ is often the phrase used to keep women quiet and blame a person for taking offence to an obviously offensive statement, and he did the same.

He went on to call her a ‘Nut Job’ and also said that she doesn’t have an excuse for her behaviour because she doesn’t drink. So an otherwise unacceptable thing is okay as long as the person is drunk? Hmm..

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However, even after blocking him, he did not know when to quit and he immediately texted her on Facebook messenger because his bruised ego needed to have the last word.

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Touching a girl, scratch that, touching ANYONE without their consent is unacceptable especially when a person has specifically told you not to. The conditioning of patriarchy that has been hammered into our brains need to be changed to actually bring about a transformation in the society.