No TV Appearances Or Interviews: People Think Pathaan’s Marketing Strategy Should Be Studied

No television appearances. No press conferences. No interviews. No Instagram lives. No promotional events.

‘Pathaan’ didn’t do any of it.

At a time when marketing and PR teams go all out to sell a film, Shahrukh Khan’s film made more of a silent entry and left with a bang. Their strategy was simple – a teaser, a trailer, two music videos and posters. That’s it. Just like the good old days. Despite being a super big-budget film, neither of the three actors (SRK, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham) promoted the film in any of the conventional ways.

All Shahrukh Khan did was use his Twitter handle and conduct his famous 15-minute #AskSRK sessions for a month.

India Today spoke to a couple of film trade analysts, critics and producers to gain insight into Pathaan’s marketing strategy. What was realised was that, in recent times even before a film’s release, there are multiple ‘boycott’ calls on social media. The fuel for the fire comes from any wrong statement, any wrong word an actor or director says during promotional events.

“it’s not new since we followed this in the 70s and 80s too. Films those days used to have trailers, newspaper clippings, hoardings, etc. These days, the moment a star opens his mouth, it becomes viral and gets into a controversy. Why do you need that?” said popular trade analyst, Taran Adarsh.

Film promotions have a separate big budget altogether. India Today reports that it can start from Rs 2-3 crores and can go up to Rs 20-30 crores. By doing basically nothing, ‘Pathaan’ saved a lot of money as well.

“Sometimes, there are very inappropriate questions asked to the stars that really hamper the image and persona of an actor or the artist. It also hampers the stakes of a film that are at play which involves a lot of money,” said Trade analyst Akshaye Rathi.

People online thought that Pathaan’s lack of marketing strategy and Shahrukh Khan’s #AskSRK sessions should be studied in Marketing courses!

With social media, the mystery around movie stars has ceased to exist. We know a lot about them. If we want to see them, we can just go to their Instagram handle. Earlier, if people wanted to watch a particular star, they had to go to the movies. There was a lack of reach and other-worldliness about movie stars back in the day.

Do you think that marketing teams should take a few steps back and re-evaluate their strategies?

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