Find Out What Your Favourite Path Reveals About Your Personality. Mine Was Perfect!

All paths in a forest are difficult, and to find our way out is one heck of a task. Some are bumpy, some are steep and some are plain confusing. But the pattern we choose to get out of that difficulty says a lot about us and our subconscious. So observe these paths and pick one which appeals to you the most.

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Now let’s see what your choice says about your personality.

1. The Flower Power

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You are quiet, gentle and and a very humble soul. You know how to appreciate real beauty and you like when things around you go as per your desire. You are not superstitious, but sure are traditional. You value you past and it holds a lot of importance in your life.

You don’t like rushing into things and prefer taking it slow, so that you can savour every moment and every essence properly. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a streak of adventure. You do stretch out your wings, but not that often. Although, you like to have a sense of security. It is suggested that you should be open to changes as they are going to bring a positive bloom in your life.


2. The Stoned Way

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You are one exciting person to be around. You always like exploring new things and you are always up for an adventure. Also, your loyalty and trustworthiness makes you the best friend one can have.

You always like to challenge yourself as the feeling you get after finishing the climb is inexplicable. Don’t give up this attitude because it will lead you to something wonderful, which you have been waiting for and totally deserve. Although, it will work in your favour if you decide to show your softer side to people you love.


3. The Wild Ride

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You like taking your time with whatever you do so that you can soak everything till it seeps perfectly inside you. You are a wanderer who likes to discover the undiscovered, know the unknown. The ambiguity and the enigma of nature might confuse others but you thrive in it.

You are an introvert and a keen observer. You don’t like following others but you create your own path. You tend to keep people calm and composed when they are around you and your curiosity is very refreshing. Although, a company wouldn’t hurt. Try involving people in what you do. You will enjoy it more than you think.


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4. The Cool Canopy

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You have a brilliant sense of humour and your whims and fancies always give you new dreams to aim for. You are vibrant, exuberant and your life is full of colours. The flashy things and glitterati tempts you a lot but you derive your charming personality out of that.

Sometimes you try to avoid what’s coming your way out of fear, but that won’t stop it from happening. Open your eyes and take the challenges with open arms. They won’t be as bad as you think and you will perform exceptionally well. You have a flair for dramatics and are extremely fun to be around. Although, it is necessary to show your serious side now and then.


5. The Autumn Hues

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You are laid back, sincere and you don’t get worked up too easily. It is very difficult to make you scream in anger as you easily tend to forgive and forget. While others whine about small things here and there, you know how to appreciate greater things in life.

Right now, you are in transition. You are evolving and going through some wonderful changes which will churn a better person out of you. There will be few ups and downs but you know how to tackle them easily. You should start teaching people around you to stay calm and let go of petty things in life.


6. The Dark Lane

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You go deep when it comes to thinking. You like solitude but secretly have been longing for a compassionate company. You have spent most of your time alone and you have enjoyed that although, you should be open to new people and changes in life. It will take some time but you will adjust well.

You somehow seek protection and shelter as you have been journeying by yourself so far. Although, your sincerity never let you fail or fall apart. You have created your own little world which is beautiful but it is time to get out of it or invite someone else in there. Don’t be afraid of the light, since you are bright inside.

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