Italian Bars Are Serving Drinks With Pasta Straws As An Alternative To Plastic!

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems our planet is facing at the moment. Which is why governments across the world are imposing bans on single-use plastic items. Many countries are encouraging citizens to exchange use and throw bottles/cups for bus tickets. In India, the Mumbai airport has announced a fine on passengers carrying plastic bottles while many cities have used plastic waste to build roads.

With growing awareness about sustainability, eco-conscious food joints, as well as individuals, are saying NO to plastic straws. They are opting for alternatives such as paper straws, metal straws, and bamboo straws. And now, there’s another biodegradable option available – pasta straws!

According to HuffPost, these edible straws are inspired by the bucatini pasta. Made out of flour and water, these work for about an hour after which they become soft as opposed to paper ones that become soggy in 5 minutes. It takes them 3 months to compost (to put things in perspective, plastic straws take 200 years to break down).

ABC News reports that many pubs in the UK and bars in Italy have started using these tube-shaped uncooked noodles while serving beverages. Their only drawback is that they’re not ideal for hot drinks. However, they can be used as stirrers in coffee and hot chocolate. In addition, they are vegan and flavourless, claim manufacturers.

People are loving this new plastic replacement and are marvelling at this simple yet genius idea that’s cost-effective and convenient.

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Earlier, a former IITian named Dhritiman Bora created bamboo water bottles that were eco-friendly and leak proof to combat plastic pollution. Are there any other creative alternatives to plastic you’ve come across?

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