Kerala Woman Using Husband’s Passport As A Telephone Directory Is ‘Jugaad’ Gone Wrong!

If there were a college course on jugaad’, I’m pretty sure that Indians would have topped it! Because logic sometimes takes a break when we face a crisis. Remember the Uber driver who used a shaving mirror as a rear-view mirror? Turns out that was not as far as desi people can go!

A Kerala woman used her husband’s passport to keep a record of phone numbers and make grocery lists!

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Mothers usually have a tendency to record everything in paper, no matter how advanced our technology has become where everything can be recorded and retrieved on your phone.

You’ll always find a diary or a notebook filled with black, blue, and red ink somewhere in the house filled with numbers and somehow, a lot of bills in between pages!

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However, this Kerala man posted a video on Facebook showing how his mother used her husband’s passport instead of a diary.

The video shows a regular passport in all its glory, but the moment the pages are turned…boom! It’s a telephone directory.

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The video doesn’t stop at that. The woman saved the best for the last – made grocery shopping lists towards the end pages!

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Imagine travelling somewhere and showing this passport to the airport officials!

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