Passenger Deboarded From SpiceJet Flight For ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ With Female Crew Member

It seems like inappropriate and unruly behaviour on flights have become a very common thing nowadays. From IndiGo to Air India, visuals of passengers misbehaving with fellow passengers and the cabin crew are making headlines almost on a regular basis. Here’s another one.

According to NDTV, on a Delhi-Hyderabad SpiceJet flight, a passenger was deboarded because of his “inappropriate” behavior with one of the female crew members. A co-passenger of the accused was also deboarded and the two were handed over to the security team at the airport.

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In a video that was shared on Twitter by ANI, a passenger and a female crew member can be heard arguing on the flight, the reason for which remains unclear. However, the air hostess can be heard saying that another female crew member is crying because of the passenger.

Here’s a look at the video:

According to Mint, the crew alleged that the passenger touched an air hostess inappropriately. When confronted, the passenger claimed that it was an accident due to confined space inside the aircraft.

“On January 23, 2023, SpiceJet wet-leased Corendon aircraft was scheduled to operate SG-8133 (Delhi – Hyderabad). During boarding at Delhi, one passenger behaved in an unruly and inappropriate manner, harassing and causing disturbance to the cabin crew. The crew informed the PIC and security staff of the same. The said passenger and a co-passenger, who were travelling together, were offloaded and handed over to the security team,” SpiceJet claimed in a statement.

According to Business Today, the name of the accused in this incident is Absar Alam who has now been arrested by the Delhi Police and has been booked for sexual harassment under section 354A. The accused has handed over a written apology.

Here’s how people online responded to the incident:

Passengers truly need to learn basic etiquette and manners.

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