Govt Workshop Will Give Mumbai Bachelors Dating Tips On Winning A Parsi Girl’s Heart!

In Hyderabad, an institute has started a “Dulhan Course” where students (read: women) attend classes on ‘how to live a successful married life’. Essentially, they are taught cooking, applying mehendi, budgeting and sewing. Feels so weird in this day and age, right? But wait, now there is a ‘Dating workshop’ for Parsi men too!

According to Mumbai Mirror, Jame-Jamshed (a community paper) and Jiyo Parsi (a government initiative to boost the community’s population) are organizing a mentoring session for Parsi bachelors aged 18-45 years. A panel of experts will provide them with tips to attract and impress potential partners.

The event is scheduled to take place this Sunday in Mumbai and the panellists will be members from the community who have excelled both in their personal and professional lives. The first panellist Dr. Ashdin Turner (a dentist) says,

“Parsi boys are mollycoddled and are attached to their mothers. I will tell them to be courteous, and not be on the phone with their mothers when they are on a date with a Parsi girl. Otherwise, the date will be a disaster. They should bring flowers for the girl without telling her that their Mama chose the colour of the flowers.”

The second panellist Shahzad Davar (a fitness expert) will talk about fitness, diet and exercise. The third panellist Hormuz Ragina (a Just A Minute speaker) says,

“A lot of boys in our community are shy while approaching women. I will guide them to channelise their energies in the right direction. I will tell them to learn three new things in a year. Like learning a new language or an instrument. It is about expanding their intellect and grey matter and that is what will make them attractive.”

When desi Twitter found out about the session, they were equal parts surprised and amused. Some couldn’t believe such a workshop was being conducted and others were curious about the experts.

What do you think about the interactive mentoring session? Helpful or just bizarre?