UP Man Organises Havan And Bhoj On The Occasion Of His Dead Parrot, Says Loved Him Like A Son

Anybody who owns pets or wants to own one can unanimously agree that they are the most adorable creatures to have around you. They make us smile when we are down and somehow, it seems like they can understand you better than anybody else can.

This is why the loss of a pet is one of the most painful experiences a person goes through. Coming to terms with the fact that they will no longer be bounding up to you or call you to give them a back/belly rub is a travesty. You want to give them a proper send-off and this man has surpassed all the other pet owners with this gesture for his pet parrot.

Pankaj Kumar Mittal, a resident of Amroha, Hassanpur in Uttar Pradesh organised a ‘havan’ and ‘bhoj’ (feast) on Sunday after his parrot died on March 5. The ‘havan’ was part of the funeral rites of the parrot who was part of Mittal’s life after he rescued him.

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As reported by DNA, he talked about how loved the parrot was. He said,

“I adopted it five years ago when it could not fly because of leg injury, treated him even better than my son.”

The Mittal family even travelled to Ganga Ghat and took the mortal remains of the parrot for the final rites, after they cremated him according to Hindu rituals. They even organised a prayer meet for the deceased pet.

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh at the lengths this family went to or cry looking at the love they had for their pet. This reminds me of the movie ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ and that was adorable AF!