Google’s Ex-MD Learnt A Valuable Lesson About One’s Worth When He Worked As A Sales Manager

A lot of us tend to spend a large chunk of our lives chasing things that are inconsequential to our larger existence. Take for example, you want a job at first to earn a decent living. But then you want more – a six-figure salary, a separate cabin with a beautiful view, a fancy designation and other perks that come with it. You tend to look up to people who have more and down on people who have less. As a result, people who seemingly have ‘less’ tend to be embarrassed about their achievements.

The ex-MD of Google, Parminder Singh, shared a beautiful story about a lesson he learnt from Shunu Sen who was the ex-marketing director at Hindustan Lever, was considered a ‘marketing guru’ and passed away in 2003 at the age of 63. At the time, Parminder Singh was working as a sales manager for Apple and Shunu Sen was a big deal by then.

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While he was working for Apple, Singh was apparently a little embarrassed about his office. He had a ‘humble’ 10×10 cabin but his job required him to meet CEOs, movie stars and top politicians. He was always apprehensive about meeting them in his cabin because, to him, it was too small.

“Let me first explain the embarrassment. Representing Apple opened access to CEOs, movie stars, top politicians, the who’s who! I proudly interacted with them, but was secretly apprehensive that they might want to visit my office. Because I worked out of a humble 10×10 cabin in a business centre. Devoted Apple fans, often wanted to visit. And I usually replied with an evasive, ‘Yes, sure. I’ll arrange that sometime’,” he wrote.

When he first met Shunu Sen, he was setting up his own company Quadra Advisory and wanted iMacs for his company. A few months later, he met him again. This time, Sen was invited to deliver the keynote at the latest iMac launch.

“He had started using a wheelchair. On the launch day, as I accompanied him from the entrance of Hotel Le Meridian to the event hall, he asked the dreaded question, ‘Hey, I haven’t ever visited your office. I would love to come over for a coffee.’ I hemmed and hawed, wondering if my business centre entrance is even wide enough for the wheelchair. It was best to be upfront. ‘Shunu, I wouldn’t like to disappoint you. It’s a very small office. Let’s meet somewhere outside.’,” Singh wrote.

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It was then that Shunu Sen taught him a valuable lesson.

“He suddenly stopped his wheelchair. Looked up at me with those peering eyes through the large glasses, and said, ‘Sure. But never measure your worth with the size of your office or the grandness of your title. Your worth is measured by the value you create for your employer, society and the world’,” Singh revealed.

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This is a lesson too valuable to be ever forgotten. 🙂

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