9 Things That Are Likely To Happen When You Park Your Phone Aside On A Date


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In case you are wondering what that means, then let me elucidate further. Phubbing is the new age act of snubbing, using your phone. Being snubbed by someone is extremely irritating, and to top it up, getting phone-snubbed is even more pissing. More so, on a date!

At any given time when you are out to grab a coffee or on a date with someone, you turn around and see people glued to their phone screens rather than talking to the person sitting right in front of them. I am pretty sure you are guilty of doing the same. At least I am.

But ever wondered how differently would a date pan out if you went sans your phone? Well, here are 9 things that are likely to happen when you park your phone aside on a date.

1. When you put your phone aside, you come across as a more polite person.

Etiquettes are important, right?

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2. You talk more freely and have a real conversation and not a digital one.

It could be about anything, your dreams, your goals or just how the day was. And talking face to face is always better.

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3. You’ll get a chance to figure out that you have more in common, which you didn’t know.

What are the odds to find you have more common that you thought you had? Well, take a plunge to find that out.

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4. You can go old school and write sweet nothings on tissues and give it to your loved one.

It has its own charm and is cute at the same time.

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5. You will make them feel important by keeping your phone aside.

Being glued to your phone sends out the wrong message of disinterest. Hence, park your phone.

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6. You’ll enjoy your food and the company better because you won’t be clicking pictures constantly or have your phone to fiddle with or escape into.

And, you never know, one thing might lead to another! * winks *

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7. You’ll get to experience a date without any disturbance and it will be just the two of you, having a good time.

A feeling you must experience.

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8. You will get to admire them more without that blue/white phone light shining on their faces.

Trust me, you see new features and concentrate more on them.

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9. You actually make eye contact and look at them.

It makes you feel more connected and you should definitely do that more often.

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On Valentine’s Day, Vodafone‘s #LookUp campaign achieved something beautiful. It did a social experiment about how couples went on to enjoy their V-day sans the phone. They parked their phones with Vodafone Phone Valet and by the end of the date, each couple was beaming with joy and discovered one new thing about their significant other. 

Real conversations happen when you #LookUp. Try it on your next date and you’ll feel a whole lot different.

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This story is brought to you in association with Vodafone