The Internet United To School Paris Hilton And Britney Who Said They Invented Selfies. GOLD!

Who doesn’t like a cheeky little selfie once in a while? However uptight you maybe I’m sure you have succumbed to the pop culture trend at least once! But who knows who started this trend. Well, we have someone who claims she did!

Socialite turned DJ, Paris Hilton posted a picture with superstar Britney Spears making a bold claim. She claimed that it was 11 years ago that she and Britney invented the selfie!

Yes, Paris Hilton can be hilarious sometimes!

However, not taking any bullshit twitterati took it upon themselves to teach her a history lesson. They schooled Paris and shared pictures of people who had clicked photos of themselves before front cameras were a thing!

1. Someone claimed it was Bill Nye the science guy who did it way before Paris on an old film camera!

2. Maybe Susan Sarandon did it in her film Thelma & Louise?

3. Oops! Was it Madonna?

4. Apparently, this is one of the oldest by Robert Cornelius in 1839!

5. Is that who I should thank for my #OOTD pictures?

6. Two votes for Madonna!

7. Was is Kramer from Seinfeld?

8. Oh, this one has got to be my favourite!

9. Paul vs Paris!

10. This user claims he was the genius behind the selfie!

11. Sorry to burst your bubble Paris!

12. Or was it the iconic Frank Sinatra?

13. First ‘groupfie’?

According to BBC, it was an Austrailian who invented the word when he posted a photo of his lip which he’d cut at a mate’s 21st birthday, writing: “sorry about the focus, it was a selfie”.

Trust Twitter to give even Paris Hilton a little history lesson!