Parineeti Chopra Speaks Of Patriarchy & How She Faced It In Her Own Home

There’s no denying the fact that patriarchy exists in society. But sometimes, it is harder to spot as everyone is so used to the way things have been going on. Having said that, we are slowly but surely unlearning the old way and embracing the new. Women are talking about personal finances and being financially independent and household chores are being allocated equally among family members.

Recently, actress Parineeti Chopra shared real-life situations where she had to face sexism and what she thinks about it.

HT quoted her saying,

“People have become so immune to the patriarchy that they don’t even think about it. Women in India face this every day. When I’m getting my house renovated, the contractors don’t talk to me properly because I’m a woman. They ask if there’s someone else at home they can talk to. I say, ‘No, I bought this house, I’ve made the payments. It’s mine so I will choose the tiles.’ When I tell them to talk to me, they refuse.”

Recalling her childhood days, she added how a particular scene from her latest movie was similar to her own household,

“While shooting this scene, I was reminded of the small town I grew up in, where the women weren’t allowed to eat till the men went to sleep. They couldn’t eat while the men were still seated at the dining table. Even at my house, my mother wasn’t allowed to sit and eat. It’s not that my father made her do this, but it was an unspoken rule in the house.”

Kudos to Parineeti for speaking up about such practices because realizing what we’re doing wrong and admitting it is the first step towards positive change.

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