“I Agreed With Them”: Parineeti Says Of Those Who Criticised Her Weight

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra recently revealed how she agreed with the naysayers who criticized her weight at the beginning of her career. She added that the criticism didn’t affect her as she knew she wasn’t at her fittest.

She stated, “I agreed with them that I wasn’t looking my best. I wasn’t doing my best for my fitness. I think I would have gotten hurt if I was doing everything that I could and I was really my fittest, and then people didn’t like the way I looked. I think that would have affected me. But I agreed with them because I knew I wasn’t doing my best.”

As per a report in HT, the criticism was instantly forgotten in the year 2015 after she dropped a photoshoot displaying a major body transformation. “Somehow, I was aware that would happen if I did my job right,” Parineeti said.

Criticizing the practice of body-shaming in general, she said, “Body-shaming is the most ridiculous thing on earth. It is like shaming someone for having black eyes and saying, ‘You have black eyes? What is wrong with you? How can you have black eyes?’ It is something natural and what you are born with. But every human being should strive to be their fittest. They shouldn’t strive to be the skinniest. You can be fit at your body type.”

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