Young People Narrate Hilarious Stories Of How Their Parents Don’t Take ‘WFH’ Seriously

Previously, ‘working’ meant physically going to an office and spending 8-10 hours there. But ever since the pandemic began, we now have a new definition for ‘going to work’. Now, it’s more like ‘sitting for work’ in front of your laptops in your room. Hence, it might be difficult for older generations to grasp and accept this new idea.

Many young people online are complaining about how their parents don’t acknowledge them working or getting tired at the end of the day as they are working from home.

Some revealed how their parents and grandparents often barge into their rooms while they are at a meeting. Others also shared being asked to do chores while at work.

A few expressed how their parents think they didn’t work as hard since they work from home.

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On one hand, it is understandable that elders find it difficult to understand how intellectually demanding WFH can be. On the other hand, it is also annoying when one is constantly interrupted and not taken seriously. Well, I think maybe we should sit down with our elders and have a healthy discussion.

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