7 Times We Made Our Parents Run Behind Us During Our Childhood

“Hum jab chhote they.”

These four words are powerful enough to strike a wistful chord in our brains, and our hearts take the nostalgic route. Childhood was, without a doubt…awesome! If given a chance to go back in time, we all would jump on the thought of it.

Do you remember the times when our naughty side was at its peak.. we used to make our parents run behind us for innumerable reasons. In hindsight, it was fun for us but a real pain for our parents. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see the seven ways we kept our parents on their toes..literally!

1. As toddlers, when we used to wail and cry in the middle of the night.

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Because back then, thapki was important for peaceful ninni.


2. When we used to crawl into places only our parents could find us.

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Umm, under the bed. Behind the cabinet. Inside the shelf. Yeah! ?


3. When we used to create a BIG fuss while eating.

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Especially, those nutrient-rich things everyone called ‘green veggies’


4. When we used to take hours and hours to finish our homework.

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At the time, even staring at a wall was more entertaining- thank god for the escapism!


5. When Mom wanted to put oil in our hair.

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In my defense (and of others who relate to this), it used to stink and the chip-chipi feeling was EWW!


6. When we used to forget our tiffin before leaving for school.

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As if making the yum breakfast tiffin was not enough, we had our mothers run behind our school bus at least thrice a week!


7. Ah! The tantrums we threw at the sight of milk… followed by our magical disappearance…just like this adorable girl Chutki.

But now, as grown-ups, we realize that our parents ran behind us for a reason, and it sure did us good. That one glass of milk has so many nutrients that are needed during our blossoming years for stronger bones, teeth and overall growth, even though we didn’t enjoy the taste much.

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