Desi Kids Share How Their Parents Post The Most Embarrassing Pics Of Them On Social Media

Parents around the world have a very typical trait. They come up with fun bribes to make kids do house chores or even attend online classes. They also have very weird ways to apologize and accept their mistakes.

And with them making it to social media, it feels like they are deliberately there just to roast and embarrass us kids.

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I mean, sure, it’s their personal profile, but why can’t you filter the good pictures from the zillions of photos you take and then post those online? In fact, they do exactly the opposite and share the ones with the weirdest angles, where we look nothing like our OG self.

This Twitter user (@Annabllebitch7) also resonates with this thought and has probably been in the same shoes as most of us. And that’s why the user took to the microblogging site to vent.

This tweet struck a chord with a lot of kids online who think their parents’ social media accounts should be banned.

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Lucky you.


Yes, they post the most awkward pics but also pen cute captions for us because according to them, their puttar is the best in the world. That definitely compensates for it.

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