Guy Narrates How His Desi Parents Reacted After Finding 5 Condoms In His Wallet!

There are some things that your parents should never find in your possession – porn, weed, your boyfriend’s love letter (sorry mom), and condoms. Because if they do, be prepared to hear taanes every day for the rest of your life.

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Are you not taking me seriously? Let me tell you a story.

One guy took to Twitter to post a series of tweets narrating what happened after his desi parents found not 1, not 2, but 5 condoms in his wallet. It started when his wallet got mixed with the rest of the clothes inside the washing machine. His dad went on to take out everything that was inside the wallet and put them under the sun to dry. Among those things were 5 condoms from 3 different brands. DEAR LORD.

Thus began a series of hilarious taanes delivered by the parents which would make anyone want to screen into a pillow! Have a look:

And of course, when he asked his friends for advice, they came up with the most stupid explanations ever.

To be honest, mothers need not say ANYTHING when such embarrassing things go down. Because, their eyes do all the talking (read: screaming).

And then bombs began to drop!

Note: Never call your hickey a mosquito bite, especially when you have Odomos in your room.

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Siblings are just the worst!

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While people online found this thread hilarious, some said that it was their worst nightmare come true!

A word of advice – if your parents ever find condoms in your possession, run for your life and never look back!

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