Students Discuss How Helpless They Feel When Parents Decide Their Career Path

Some parents, be it in India or abroad, might feel that whatever they decide for their kids, is good for them. Their expertise and experience sure help us a lot, however, sometimes it may backfire too with their kids facing the brunt of it.

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In India, when it comes to choosing a career path, being a doctor, engineer, CA, or a banker is given a lot of priority. Hence, kids are enrolled in such courses, sometimes against their will. And, this does have a huge impact on them.

Recently, students on Reddit opened up about this dilemma and expressed how they feel when their parents decide what courses or degrees they would pursue.

Dear students, how you feel when your parents decide what are you gonna study(graduation degree)? from AskReddit

From hardly taking any interest to losing major years of their lives studying the course they dislike, kids made some shocking revelations.

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Here’s a parent’s perspective:

They sure need an elders’ guidance but shouldn’t kids pick the career path they want to pursue? What’s your opinion on this?

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