19-Year-Old Parantha-Maker From Pakistan Just Got Selected To Play International T20

When I was 19, I was sitting in my hostel room, simply dreading the next submission deadline. My greatest achievement in life at that point was managing to clear first year without a single drop. However, this guy from Pakistan has certainly achieved significantly more than most of us at the tender age of 19.

Hanan Khan, a 19-year-old parantha-maker working at a local restaurant in Karachi has been selected to represent Pakistan’s National Cricket Academy in two T20 cricket matches. 

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“I am really happy to get this chance. When the first telephone call came from Lahore, I was playing a match. Later I called back and was informed about my selection.”

Now that’s some real dedication to the game, isn’t it?


However, initially Hanan wasn’t sure if the call was genuine or a hoax.

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“I wasn’t sure if it was a genuine call or not, so I called back again and confirmed my selection for the two T20s.”

Hey, if I ever got a call like that, I too would need a significant amount of convincing regarding its authenticity.


Hanan was really happy that the Pakistan Cricket Board selected him as he came from a region where cricket wasn’t a popular sport.

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“I am really thankful to all the people who supported me especially Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) which has played an important part in promoting the emerging players from Balochistan.”


It’s true that one must go really deep in order to find the diamond among the coals.

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Here’s his complete interview uploaded by Lover Boy:


Congratulations, Hunan!

And at 22, I’m doing stand-up comedy at bars. 😛

News Source: NDTV

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