This Papa Cat Taking Care Of The Mommy Who’s Giving Birth Is Winning Hearts Everywhere!

Cats are the cutest, aren’t they?

I can already feel the angry stares of all the scores of dog-loving readers on me right now. Well, I love dogs too. I don’t get why the two need to be mutually exclusive. Both these four-legged fluff balls make the best of pets. However, these four-legged fluff balls also make some incredible husbands, wives and parents.

Thuy Duong Panda a cat lover from Vietnam recently shared some really endearing pictures of his papa cat taking care of the mommy who had just given birth.

1. At first, ‘Yello’ seemed worried about something.


2. The mommy cat had just given birth.


3. Those kittens are sooooo cute!


4. Papa cat was very attentive


5. Don’t they make the sweetest couple?


6. He’s so protective of his babies


7. This just shows that even the animal kingdom has some of the sweetest love stories


8. Adorableness overload!


9. They’re so fluffy I’m gonna die! 


10. The cuteness of this pic is too damn high!

This mommy and daddy cat couple are setting some serious #CoupleGoals for us all!

H/T: Boredpanda

Images Source: Facebook