Once Struggling, Pankaj Tripathi Says He Now Wants A Break But Filmmakers Won’t Leave Him!

In the past couple of years, Pankaj Tripathi has risen to become one of the most popular actors in the industry. There used to be a time when the man went from door to door seeking work while his wife supported the family financially. And now, his hard work and talent have finally given him his due.

In a recent interview, Pankaj Tripathi revealed that since he has been working on back-to-back films, he wants to take a break. However, he is unable to do so because filmmakers won’t leave him!

The Indian Express quoted him saying:

“In recent times, I have been getting this feeling that I should slow down and do less work. But what can I do? Filmmakers don’t leave me and want me to be part of their films. I also get enchanted by the stories that they are trying to tell.”

He went on to express how a work-life balance is important and that whenever he gets a small break between projects, he spends it with his family.

“But I do believe that I need to take a break to preserve my well-being. When I’m not working, then I just eat, sleep and do yoga. I also travel a lot. Whenever I get a small break in between shoots, I just leave for someplace with my family.”

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Pankaj Tripathi is aware of the “circle of life”. He says that there was a time when no one knew him. Hence, time might repeat itself.

“I don’t have any worst fears. I know that earlier people were not aware of me and now they are. And then, again people will not know me. This is the circle of life, and therefore, there is no point of being fearful in life.”

Therefore, he isn’t chasing anything.

“I’m not chasing anything. I just wish that good roles and characters keep coming to me. I want to be able to maintain a balance between cinema and my personal life.”

What an inspiring journey this man has had!

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