Pankaj Kapur’s Laugh Riot Video Has Resurfaced And Ayushmann Can’t Get Over The Legendary Stuff

90s kids and people who spent their teens in 90s have experienced the best of TV, and its a fact that remains undeniably true. I mean, come on! TV was a luxury and mohalla-TV-viewing was a legit social event. And, back then, the content was limited but truly the best.

Ask any kid from that era and s/he will rave about the 80-90s show. One such show was Fatichar, starring none other than Shahid Kapoor’s father, Pankaj Kapur.

The legendary actor tickled so many funny bones with his clean humour and his variegated acting skills made all wow at him.

Fatichar was a household name back then, and it’s quite hard not to lurrve it. An Industry analyst tweeted to Shahid, saying he should have a look at his father’s brilliant acting skills.

“Y Pankaj kapoor is known as legend…. Here is a small vdo clip… @shahidkapoor u shud see this….”

And, brill it is indeed!

The Raga Hasya has so much sur!

After seeing that, our multi-talented dimpled man, Ayushmann Khurrana, couldn’t help but reminisce the 90s. He shared fond memories of the show and even how he taped it.

He even sent his regards to Mr. Kapur and we think it’s real cute.

The Punjabi munda remembers the show so well that he was discussing scenes with Tweeple!

Such was the show. Those who were lucky enough to see it have seen an exceptional slice of TV-world and have pocketed fondest memories of that era!

*secretly hoping for a re-run of the series*

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