What To Do When A Loved One Is Having An Anxiety Attack? Twitter User Shares Helpful List.

Mental disorders can sometimes be confusing for people who haven’t been through or seen someone go through an episode. While with physical illnesses the symptoms are apparent and patients are rushed to seek help, unfortunately mental illnesses don’t get the same treatment. This is also owing to the fact that there is still a certain stigma that surrounds any sort of mental disorders.

But what this girl did is going to make you give her a standing ovation.

Twitter user, Kelsey Darragh suffers from panic and anxiety disorder. This can make the patient have severe attacks where she feels palpitation, difficulty in breathing extreme fear, shaking and even numbness.

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The entire episode can be taxing and exhausting.

While may people speak up about the issue and what they’re going through few act upon it.

Kelsey’s boyfriend wanted to understand what she goes through so that he could be there for her and help out when needed. In order to do so she made a list of fifteen things that could help calm her down and make her believe that this too shall pass.

The points explain exactly how he should behave and tells him things like “make gentle suggestions” and “keep breathing with me”.

See them below in detail:

The post instantly went viral and people started appreciating the effort she’s made to help him understand the complicated nuances that go into a mental disorder.

She even said that people could add their own tips to get through a panic attack and Twitter very much obliged.

1. Duly noted.

2. Wow!

3. That’s some more tips.

4. They say music can do wonders.

5. Applause!

6. Everyone’s panic and anxiety coping is different.

7. Breathe in and out.

8. Distracting yourself can help sometimes.

While you may not understand, it becomes essential that you become a little more empathetic towards what the other person is going through. Mental disorders can be challenging but if the patient has a listening ear by their side, it becomes a whole lot easier. So when you don’t know how to help a loved one go through a panic or an anxiety attack, all you’ve to do it ask. It’ll mean the world, trust me! ❤