Gujarat Guy Makes Pani-Puri Vending Machine & Gives A Demo, Watch Video


There is a lot of uncertainty regarding how the post-COVID world is to operate. While social-distancing, wearing masks and gloves, and sanitizing have become the new normal, foodies are doubtful whether they can get back to having street food the old way. Many pani-puri and chaat walas use their bare hands into making the dish which can be unsanitary, especially now.

Hence, coming to the rescue of pani-puri lovers, one guy from Banaskantha, Gujarat, has come up with a pani-puri vending machine!

Videos of the guy introducing the world to his innovation, which allegedly took him 6 months to make, have gone viral on social media. He shows the audience how to operate the machine, including inserting money which then leads to the machine dispensing our favourite snack!

One can even choose difference favours of their choice. And the best part of the video? The song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ plays when the pani-puris arrive!

Have a look at the machine here:

People on the internet are lauding the guy for his innovation and are celebrating thinking they wouldn’t have to give up on their favourite street food forever!

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions!

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