14 Signs You Are Addicted To Pani Puri

“I can handle a stomach upset, but not the pain of having to stay away from Pani Puri”. If that is the belief you go by whenever your mother asks you not to eat the “unhygienic” pani puri then we are sorry to tell you (even though you are not sorry to hear this) that you are a Pani Puri addict. Here are your symptoms:

1. You know the best Golgappa waala in your locality


2. And he knows and makes them just the way you like them

Image source
Image source

“Bhaiyya thoda zyada teekha banana”


3. When you go to the chaat stall planning to taste some other chaat, you always end up having pani puri instead

Samosa chaat, you can wait.


4. People lecturing you about how unhygienic street golgappas are pisses you off.


Don’t try to ruin it for me.


5. You never lose a golgappa bet with your friends



6. You have tried making Golgappas at home but they never taste as good as the roadside ones



7. You always ask for extra onion for your pani puri


8. That blissful moment when you put your first golgappa in your mouth



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9. You can eat as many pani puris as long as they don’t run out of stock


Aur ek plate bhaiyya!


10. In spite of knowing that too many golgappas will just upset your stomach, you don’t stop eating them


Your mother nagging you for it doesn’t work.


11. After you are done, you never throw away the imli pani. You just gulp it down.



12. You can’t decide if the most exciting part of eating puchkas is the puchka itself or the sukha puri after that


13. Nothing can lift up your mood better than going out with your friends for some awesome puchkas



14. All these points about golgappa have made you crave for some and you need to run to your nearest golgappa wala right now



Call them golgappa, pani puri, gup chup or puchka, they are super delicious and totally worth dying for.
So what are you waiting for? Go get some. 🙂

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