This ‘Smart City’ Is Transforming The Lives Of Its Residents And Here Is The Proof

Home isn’t cement, bricks and real-estate.
Home is where our story begins.

It’s where our dreams take shape. It is the starting point from where we work towards those dreams. It is where we find comfort when faced with failures. And where we celebrate our successes.

Shot at Palava

But what if this home also gave us the amenities and resources to turn our dreams into reality? Palava, developed and managed by Lodha Group is doing just that.

And these testimonials by residents prove that Palava takes its ‘City of Opportunity’ tag quite seriously

P R Subramanian got to pursue his passion – Badminton

“I used to stay in Mumbai. I learnt to live only when I came to Palava. Here, my wife and I are a part of a huge community, where we actively participate in various programs. I have always been a keen badminton player and have tried to discover opportunities to hone my badminton skills. Palava presented me with the chance to pick up this sport and practice every day. I have once again been successful in awakening the competitive spirit in me. Palava teaches me a great lesson that it’s never too late to pursue what I love.”

Anita Shinde calls it a peaceful haven

“I religiously practice and conduct yoga classes. After moving to Palava, I was left speechless with the tranquillity that this place possesses. The expanse of green and open spaces, the peaceful ambience have made this a haven to relax and rejuvenate. This also led me to take up an Art of Living course. Today, I teach the same course to 200 others within the city. I am extremely happy that the clean and nature-friendly Palava has given many individuals like me a chance to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Madhuri Amte tested the waters with a rented home but it didn’t take her long to officially buy one

“I never had second thoughts about sending my child to Lodha World School as I was always aware of the school’s top-notch facilities and reputed faculty. Also, the city has ensured exceptional safety and security measures, which is why I don’t mind my daughter walking to her school every day. With her school, the clubhouse, supermarket and all other conveniences being just a short distance away, I had a lot of time to explore my passion. I decided to start my own business of making homemade farsan, and slowly ventured out and started taking orders for chaklis, sweets, and farsan. Now, I also have my own catering business and I enjoy the look of satisfaction on people’s faces when I serve them my food at various events in the city.”

Naresh Bhatnagar figured the perfect way to enjoy life after retirement

“It’s been 5 years since I moved to Palava, post my retirement, and I can easily claim that Palava has given me much more in the few years of residing here than any other city has. I live in a community of like-minded people and we are greatly supported by the administration to explore new hobbies.

I am one of the founding members of the Senior Citizens’ Foundation of Palava and it makes me immensely happy to interact with other people. What started as small sessions at one of the many gardens in the city, has evolved into a group of 2000 who travels to many places across the country. We have participated in numerous Palava initiatives and even host our own events, from time to time.

Palava is ideal for senior citizens’ as this place has so many facilities to just relax and enjoy. There’s a beautiful garden to spend my mornings and evenings at, while the temple is also very close. The atmosphere is clean and there’s greenery everywhere. We are constantly learning new things and trying to incorporate our learnings to teach things to citizens- be it planting more trees in the city or raising awareness about community living.”

Need more convincing? There are testimonials aplenty.

Shot at Palava

Palava has given its citizens better and smarter opportunities to live, work, learn and play.

What differentiates this smart township from the rest is their focus to give their citizens a world-class standard of living. With luxurious homes, retail options, grand clubhouses, open and green spaces, every amenity is aimed towards improving the quality of life.

In addition, the city boasts of commercial set-ups, 3 ICSE and a CBSE school, an Olympic Sports Complex, a FIFA-standard football field and more. Be it solar panels powering street lights, public Wi-Fi, or wastewater recycling, Palava’s focus on technology and sustainability makes it stand apart from the rest. And all of it within walking/cycling distance! When you have such opportunities, it really is difficult to not take advantage of them, right?

This is probably why Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in its “Livability Quotient – A Paradigm Shift in India’s Emerging Cities’ Report 2017” ranked it India’s no. 1 smart city. It truly is the city of the future. One that has benefitted from meticulous planning and timely execution.

If you’re planning to move to a new city, buy your dream home, embark on your journey towards a smarter life, you should definitely check out Palava city.