Pakistani Man Wants To Go To The Border & Kill Indians, Gets Brutally Trolled Online


After the Pulwama attacks, the relationship between India and Pakistan is at an all-time high. In the last few days, we’ve witnessed airstrikes, ceasefire violations and the death of our countrymen. That’s why anyone with half-a-brain knows that war isn’t the solution. However, a select few are all for it because, obviously, their lives are not on the line.

Corporate Trainer Azam Jamil posted a video of a man dressed in a suit, brandishing two guns and announcing that he’s going to the border to kill Hindus.

The guy’s confidence is sky high because, realistically speaking, how does this guy think he has a chance to do any damage with those two guns and no protective gear? Also, in case you didn’t notice, the man initially thinks about walking all the way to the border. But then he remembers that he has a car and makes a swift turn to display them as well.

It’s obvious that this person is showboating and that too in a very lame fashion. That’s why netizens decided to show him his place.

Recently at the India Today Conclave, actress Kangana Ranaut proclaimed that she would’ve picked up the gun and done the “deed” if she could have. So, since this man’s sentiments match with that of Ranaut’s, maybe they should be sent to the border to decide the fate of our nation and give our brave soldiers a rest.

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