Pakistani Labourer Wins Hearts Online By Returning Long Lost Gold Earrings To Its Owner

As we are exposed to too much media right now, we think that there’s only negativity in our society. However, just like there’s hope in the darkest hours, humanity also exists in certain corners of the world during these troubling times. And one such example was unearthed by Zeeshan.

Twitter user Zeeshan Khattak from Pakistan posted images of a man and a pair of golden earrings. The story that was attached with it was truly heartwarming.

“Attach plot to our home is under construction. Today our door was knocked. My brother went out and this labor asked if we had lost something of gold ever? My bro said, yes, one ear ring of a pair, but that was back in 2015. He pulled it out of his pocket and gave it to us.”

Isn’t that just the best thing you’ve heard today? And since occurrences like this are so rare, someone asked Zeeshan if he had rewarded him.

Wow! This man should be protected from any and every external harm.

Netizens who saw this story unfold were extremely touched and lauded the labourer’s humanity.

This proves that class and status (and every other arbitrary term to cater to our inferiority complex) shouldn’t be decided on the basis of how much someone earns. Instead, it should be determined by how humane they are in real life.