22-YO Guy Has 3 Wives But Wants To Marry Again, His Wives Help Him Search For A 4th!


In the past, we have seen how the pursuit of true love made one woman marry 10 times! Because “true love” is difficult to come by and finding “the one” can be really difficult.

However, one man in Pakistan got lucky thrice! According to Times Now, 22-year-old Adnan has already been married thrice, has 3 wives and children, and lives with all of them happily. However, he is on the lookout for a fourth wife and the other three women are helping him in his endeavour!

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In an interview with Daily Pakistan, Adnan reveals how his 3 wives live in harmony with each other. They divide household chores amongst themselves, take care of each other’s babies, and never complain about one another. Their only complaint is that Adnan doesn’t spend enough time with each of them.

Adnan, on the other hand, claims that he loves all his 3 wives equally and abundantly. He first got married when he was 16. 4 years later he got married again, and his third marriage took place last year. He says that getting married is a lucky thing for him. Each time he has got married, he has done well in his career.

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“My monthly expenses are Rs 1-1.5 lakhs. I was 16 years old when I got married. My financial condition improved with each marriage,” he said.

His three wives are named Shumbal, Shabana, and Shahida and he wishes for his fourth one’s name to start with ‘S’ as well!

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