Pak Creep Pleads With Woman He Harassed Not To Expose Him, Cites Schizophrenia

While the details of sexual harassment cases boil my blood, I am grateful that unlike a few years back, they are not being hushed away. Thanks to social media, the perpetrators are called out by anyone with an ounce of humanity. We recently saw the online debate sparked by a Pakistani man masturbating at teen girls on a road.

Around the same time, a Pakistani woman shared screenshots on Twitter which showed obscene behaviour from the CEO of a Pakistani music streaming company. The issue blew up and ultimately he had to step down. Following this, more women started outing their harassers on these platforms. This led to a rather interesting turn of events.

Fearing exposure, harassers started trying to cajole the women they had previously misbehaved with.

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In a series of tweets, Twitter user @saneschizo_ from Islamabad shared screenshots of the same which show previous creeps getting creative with their pleas.

Check out the screenshots below:

1. Sure… Now you apologise.

2. Did he just say that?!

3. Wow, business offers being made here.

As hilarious as all of those were, the one that took the cake for me is the next one. In an epic facepalm moment, this creep tried to blame his creepiness on a mental condition.

In case you’re wondering what schizophrenia is, it is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behaviour and failure to understand reality. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation.

Now someone please tell me how this guy thought he could actually get away with this. Creeps these days man, I swear. Kuch tho dimaag lagate.

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