Pakistan Prohibits Teachers From Wearing Jeans, T-Shirts & Tights, Faces Backlash Online

Recently, Pakistan’s Federal Directorate of Education issued a notice wherein they directed female teachers to not wear jeans and tights. On the other hand, male teachers were asked to not wear T-shirts and jeans, reports India Today.

According to Dawn, both male and female teachers have been asked to ensure personal hygiene – including regular haircuts, beard trimming, nail cutting and use of perfume.

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The formal dress code for female teachers includes a “decent” salwar kameez, trouser, shirt with a dupatta or a shawl. Purdah observing females are allowed to wear a scarf or a hijab but one that is “neat and clean” in appearance. Only formal shoes like pumps, loafers and mules are allowed. Comfortable footwear like sneakers and sandals have also been allowed, considering teachers stand for a long time. However, slippers are not allowed.

For male teachers, the letter instructed, “Wear appropriate, simple and decent salwar kameez preferably with a waistcoat in accordance with the weather conditions. Wear a dress shirt (full sleeves preferably with tie) and trousers (dress and cotton pants only). During the summer, a half sleeves dress shirt or bush shirt can also be worn. Only formal shoes (dress shoes, loafers, moccasins and boots) must be worn.”

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Members of the staff have been asked to stick to the dress code inside the institution and during official gatherings, ceremonies and meetings.

This notice has sparked outrage online where people highlighted that banning certain clothes stands in the way of people’s freedom. Some also called it a “dictatorship”.

However, there were also some who lauded the new dress code.

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