Pak Star Fakes His Own Death With Wife’s Help To Gain Followers, Fans Enraged


The world seems to be ridden with fraudsters who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and try to find out shortcuts in life instead. For instance, a Delhi man faked being an ISRO scientist to marry a Ph.D. student or a husband who faked his death for an insurance claim without informing his wife, who ended up killing herself.

As per a report in The Express Tribune, a Pakistani TikTok star named Adil Rajput, who boasts of 2.5 million followers, was falsely reported dead by his wife Farah Adil in a video posted on their TikTok account. “Adil is no longer with us,” she says, teary-eyed after mentioning that she received a call informing about his road accident. Check out the video below:-

Reportedly, a local mosque also announced the news as the video gained momentum online. Heartbroken fans visited their residence to offer their condolences, only to discover that he was, in fact, alive.

Gulf News reports that Farah then posted another video of Adil who appeared to have a bandaged head and a cast over his hand and leg to dispel the ‘misunderstanding’. She said, “Allah has granted another life to Adil (Rajput). Adnan called again and said that Adil had fainted and he thought he had died.” Find the video below:-

Farah allegedly went on to criticize the media for sensationalizing on their grief and spreading fake news.

Enraged fans, however, deemed this to be a publicity stunt, and criticized the couple for trying to get more followers and fame in an unethical manner. Check out some of the reactions below:-

Some irked fans have reportedly also asked authorities to take strict action against the couple.

What do you think of this incident? Does it look completely fake or could it have been an actual misunderstanding? Tell us!

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