Pak PM Slammed For Hypocrisy After He Uses Bollywood Clip To Show Conspiracy Against Govt

A few days ago, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan went on record to blame the “obscenity” shown in Bollywood films for the rise in rape cases. He alleged that because of some Bollywood movies, cases of rapes are increasing in Delhi.

A few days after making such statements, the Pakistan Prime Minister posted a clip from the 1984 Bollywood movie ‘Inquilaab’ on Instagram in a bid to highlight the “conspiracy” against his government, reports India Today.

“It is what has been planned against the PTI govt from day one by the corrupt mafias,” read his caption, which took a dig at his political opponents.

Have a look at the video here:

Several people online slammed the Pakistan PM for his “hypocrisy”. Many expressed how he made a stark “U-turn” from his earlier made statements. After he faced flak from the public, Imran Khan deleted his post from Instagram but many journalists had already taken screen recordings of the post and circulated them online.

Do you think the Pakistan PM was hypocritical in using a Bollywood clip to make a political point? Tell us!

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