Pakistan Journalist Slammed For Comparing Dalai Lama To Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Masood Azhar

China has been receiving a lot of flak from Indians recently after they put a ‘technical hold’ on the UN Security Council’s resolution to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

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If the petition would have been successfully carried out, Azhar could have been denied of assets, funds, travelling and purchase of arms. The UK, US, Germany, and France had lent their full support to India, but China objected to the resolution claiming that they needed more time to examine the case.

Ever since the news went on air, India has resolved to #BoycottChineseProducts on social media, starting a movement where they criticize/boycott everything Chinese manufactured or Chinese aided, included the Alibaba funded PayTM.

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However, a Pakistani journalist named Hamid Mir slammed India and justified China’s decision with a tweet that has been receiving major backlash from Indians.

He claimed that China’s move is “very easy to understand” considering India has been “sheltering an enemy” of China since decades. He also dug up a piece of 10-year old news to make his point.

And who is the “enemy”? Apparently Dalai Lama!

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This is what he tweeted:

And after, Netizens decided to brush up his general knowledge a little bit:

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According to sources, India said it was “disappointed by this outcome” after China’s move as it considers Pakistan its “all-time ally”.

Now, India is disappointed all the more…

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