#PakistanStandsWithIndia Trends As Our Neighbours Extend Their Support Amid Covid Crisis

There’s no denying that India and Pakistan have their share of differences. However, amid the pandemic, our neighbours are standing in solidarity with us and even offering their help where they can. Pakistan’s philanthropist organisation Edhi Welfare Trust has offered to send 50 ambulances along with support staff in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reports The New Indian Express.

According to Times Now News, the letter stated,

“Our organization understands the gravity of the situation, and we wish to lend our full support, without any inconvenience to you. We are providing the fuel, food, and other necessary amenities that our team will require. Our teams consist of emergency medical technicians, office staff, drivers, and supporting staff.”

India Today reports that our neighbours have been calling on Prime Minister Imran Khan to extend his support in combating the oxygen shortage in India. #IndiaNeedsOxygen and #PakistanStandsWithIndia have been trending on Pakistan Twitter with citizens offering prayers and urging everyone to put political differences aside in the time of crisis.

It really is true that humanity comes before everything else. Thank you, for this wonderful gesture!

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