Pak Pizza Brand Allegedly Mocks ‘Mission Majnu’ For Stereotypical Portrayal Of Muslim Man

Earlier this month, when the trailer of Shantanu Bagchi’s spy thriller film ‘Mission Majnu’ dropped, it wasn’t received with open arms. In fact, people slammed the makers for coming up with the same old storyline.

Pakistani Twitter also mocked the film for its stereotypical representation of men from the Muslim community.

To cash in on the memes, a Pakistani pizza brand came up with a creative that got everyone talking. Since people called out the Sidharth Malhotra starrer film for making the protagonist wear surma, skullcap, and a taaveez, saying ‘Aadab’ to everyone, to make him look like he’s from a specific community, the food joint named ‘Cheezious’ also added the skullcap on their burger to apparently take a dig at the stereotype.

Moreover, the font in which ‘Aadab’ is written on the picture along with the design is very similar to how ‘Mission’ is written for the movie.

You can see it here:

However, while posting the picture, the outlet clarified that they intended to keep it light-hearted and there are no religious or “belief system” undertones in the graphic.

This creative way of allegedly taking a jibe at the movie brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Here’s how Twitter reacted to seeing this post by the pizza brand.

Pak Twitter definitely had a field day mocking the film. Maybe this will encourage makers to do more research for their characters.

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