Pakistan & China Launch A Joint Think Tank, & Its Abbreviation Is ‘RANDI’. Yes, RANDI.

Pakistan and China got together and launched a joint think tank today, and it’s called Research and Development International. The abbreviation, as mentioned in Pakistan Today, they will use for this is RANDI.

Yeah, just take a minute to process that.



The Research and Development International (RANDI) will mainly focus on the research and development of the China and Pakistan Economic Corridor. RANDI will have two co-chairpersons; Madame Zhao Baige, former minister and currently member of parliament and vice chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, and Senator Mushahid Hussain.

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The think tank would be providing an ‘Information Corridor’ to promote perspectives, data and information for policy-makers, students, specialists, scholars and companies of both countries.

Sounds like a good initiative, but considering it’s us, I don’t think we’re interested in what RANDI is all about since the name itself stole the show.

And this is exactly why we should all love Twitter.









5. And, finally…


Read more about RANDI here. Go here if you want to read more, with a twist.

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