Female Constable Thrashes Mom And Daughter At Pak Airport Over Missing Toilet Paper. WHAT?!

Just weeks after United Airlines decided to drag one of their passengers and throw him out of their plane, a Pakistani airport has shown their exemplary standard of customer service.

In this video uploaded by Indian Politics, a female constable, Ghazala Shaheen, can be seen thrashing a mother and her daughter brutally as bystanders simply ignore. According to reports, the video is of 15th April from Islamabad airport and the fight started after the ladies complained about the absence of toilet paper in the airport washroom.

What’s more, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan initially accused the passengers for the fight. However, when video footage of the incident went viral, they retracted their statement and have now suspended Shaheen and ordered an investigation.

After all, what better can you expect from a nation where goats are sacrificed on runways to avoid crashes.

News Source: Geo News