Twitter Reacts Hilariously On Being Asked If They Were Paid To Do Ghar Ke Kaam As Kids


If you’re also born in a desi middle-class household like me, then there would be many things we would already have in common to talk about. From being taken to temples across India and calling it a ‘vacation’ to parents apologizing by saying “khana kha le”, we have seen and bore it all. And doing various chores around the house like buying dhania from the market or cleaning our ever-messy rooms were part of our daily routine.

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So when a western Twitter user posted a tweet asking whether people got paid for doing household chores as children, clearly our lot couldn’t relate to it one bit. Here’s the original tweet:-

Here are some of the funny reactions Tweeple had:-

Others mentioned how being allowed to live in their parents home was payment enough:-

And then there’s the rest of us who hadn’t even thought about payment throughout our childhood:-

And then the kids living abroad who actually got paid in cash or in-kind:-

Were you one of God’s favorite children who also got paid? Or was your fate like the rest of us mortals? Tell us!

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