Pahlaj Nihalani’s Removal Is Twitter’s Reason To Rejoice And They’ve Hilarious Reactions!

By now news of Pahlaj Nihalani being sacked as CBFC Chief has reached lands far and wide. Taking his place is Prasoon Joshi and Indians couldn’t be happier. Though we all would miss the statements by him in the name of our sanskars, the internet is in quite a celebratory mood upon his removal.

During his term as the Chief, Mr. Nihalani gave the netizens ample opportunity to troll him and he was quite a meme-favourite. Now that he’s been asked to step down from his position, Tweeple can’t stop celebrating.

1. We sure can.


2. *air cheers*


3. Itni khushi, itni khushi.


4. Ab Dangal hoga.


5. Kitne bechain hoke


6. Not only Anurag but also a lot of filmmakers.


7. Quite apt, isn’t it?


8. A for axing.


9. Dhanyawad, bhaiyo aur behno.


10. Before and after.


11. Ji Pahlaj ji, that’s how it’s done.


12. Damn, this is hilarious.


13. Who’s up for buying them?


14. Well, well, well. Audiences are thanking.


15. Chop it like it’s hot? #SorryNotSorry


16. Acha chalta hoon!

People are seriously happy about the CBFC’s decision of Nihalani’s removal and can’t contain their joy.

We hope Prasoon Joshi is the change we all wanted to see at CBFC’s end.