CBFC Orders 20 Cuts To Pahlaj Nihalani’s ‘Rangeela Raja’, Happy Netizens Call It Karma

Pahlaj Nihalani’s term as the Chief of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) was like a nightmare. It isn’t like Prasoon Joshi has converted that nightmare into a dream. But Nihalani’s regression was much worse. From butchering ‘Deadpool’ to ‘Udta Punjab‘ and more, the man knew no bounds. However, thankfully, his seemingly never-ending run came to an end.


Soon after his exit from the CBFC, Pahlaj began another tirade. He alleged Smriti Irani of sacking him. He produced a so-called erotic thriller titled ‘Julie 2’. And now, after all that ruckus, it looks like Karma has paid him a visit.

Recently, Pahlaj Nihalani accused the present CBFC of proposing 20 cuts to his movie, ‘Rangeela Raja’, which stars Govinda. Additionally, he has filed a complaint against the CBFC at the Bombay High Court.

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Netizens who had to watch Pahlaj’s version of the films they were so eager to see, laughed at the irony of this situation.

1. Is that Karma’s new name?

2. Hassi chupaane ki zarurat nahi hai.

3. He should get a tattoo of this image now.

4. Regression man, meet regression man.

5. Amen to that.

6. Soan Papdi here means unnecessary cuts.

7. NSFW.

8. The only difference is Pahlaj doesn’t work there any more.

9. Yas, Queen!

10. Smiling and Pahlaj don’t go together.

11. Ain’t that the truth?

12. Let’s hope he learns something.

13. A: what else can you expect from him? B: it always does.

14. That is his alter-ego actually.

15. Poor ol’ irony.

Pahlaj did what he did under the garb of ‘sanskaar’. Why? Nobody knows. But the thing about any norm is that once you set it, unless it’s fixed, it’ll stay that way. And Pahlaj is learning that the hard way. Oh! If only he would’ve listened to our humble, progressive pleas to not butcher movies or delay them unnecessarily, toh ye din na dekhne padhte.

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