Desis Express Outrage After Neighbor Asks Woman For Sex In Exchange For Oxygen Cylinder

As the nation spirals under the second wave of COVID-19, incidents of harassment and inhumane behavior are also surfacing which makes my heart drop. From oxygen concentrators being black marketed to some ambulances charging exorbitant amounts for short distances, these are adding to the already challenging situation of the country’s people.

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A Twitter user shared one such shocking incident where a neighbor tried to take advantage of a woman’s helplessness amid the oxygen crisis and harassed her. In a bizarre offer, he allegedly asked her to “sleep with him” in exchange for an oxygen cylinder that she desperately needed for her ailing father. Check out the tweet below:

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The tweet evoked enraged responses from people online.

People suggested her ways to take action against the offender, from lodging a police complaint to naming and shaming:

A user hoped that the woman and her father are okay.

This is definitely a new low for humanity. Have you heard or come across any such incidents recently? Tell us.

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