Wheelchair Bound Passenger Forces Female Flight Attendants To Wipe His Butt

Adding to the pile of bizarre things happening around the world in 2019, a recent incident of Taiwanese airline has come up. A wheelchair-bound overweight passenger tried to seek help from flight attendants, to use to the loo. Things were going well until the passenger placed a bizarre demand before the crew.

According to Focus Taiwan, a female crew member of Taiwanese Airlines held a press conference with other officials to share the horrifying incident. The passenger who asked for assistance while going to the bathroom about two hours into the flight. He then asked them to undress him with the lavatory door kept open.

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Posted by Jeff Lin on Sunday, January 20, 2019

The women were reluctant to help the wheelchair-ridden passenger as EVA flight has no male flight attendants. But they tried to help him cover his genitals with a blanket. It was then when the man slapped his hand to remove the blanket exposing his genitals to the attendants. As he finished, the passenger forced the flight attendants to wipe off his butt.

“I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger’s underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities,” said the deputy cabin service head of the airlines.

Later on, EVA issued a press statement saying flight staff are perfectly entitled to refuse passenger’s requests they consider inappropriate. The entire incident was also shared on Facebook by Jeff Lin. People have bashed the passenger for his unruly behaviour.

The airline has lent support to their employees and assured to take appropriate measures to sue the passenger if needed.

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